About Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhikha has served as an inspiration to people the world over since he first began singing in 1994. He is well-loved by fans young and old and remains amongst the most popular Islamic artists.

As a celebrated artist for over twenty years and more than a dozen albums to his name, Zain’s songs have graced homes throughout the world and touched the lives of others in profound ways. He remains on the Acclaimed Top Muslim 500 List for well over seven years and has been described as an influential global peace and unity ambassador.

Many of the children who grew up listening to Zain Bhikha’s Nasheeds ( a spiritual genre of music) are now becoming parents themselves, yet Zain’s audience continues to grow in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally. His albums have been launched in the United Kingdom, North America, Malaysia, France, Turkey, Holland, India, The Middle East, Ivory Coast and Australia. Zain has touched lives everywhere performing in cities across most continents.

Over and above his individual endeavours, Zain has also collaborated and performed with a long list of artists such as Dawud Wharnsby, Native Deen, Outlandish, Raihaan, Khalid Belhrouzhi, Khalil Ismail, Sound of Reason, Rashid Bhikha and not forgetting his mentor, Yusuf Islam. His songs are mainly self-composed, performed with no instruments. Through his music, Zain delivers messages of faith reassuring people that looking to the Almighty, is the hope mankind needs.

Driven by emotion, many of his songs represent significant times in his life and the lessons he has learnt through personal experience. Zain Bhikha’s music further enhances spiritual contemplation encouraging people to be proud of their beliefs, of who they are and to work towards a better, united world.

Zain Bhikha resides in Johannesburg, South African where he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and four sons at their home when he is not working or touring. He is a family man and credits his parents for the unconditional support they have given him over the years.

Behind the songs

about_img1Zain Bhikha was born in Pretoria, South Africa to Rashid and Mariam Bhikha in 1974. The only son, with three sisters, Zain was musically inclined from a young age and often commended for his melodious singing voice.
Zain did not receive any formal music training but a natural inclination for writing and composing led him to what eventually changed the course of his life. In 1994, he entered and won a singing competition hosted by ‘702’- a local Johannesburg Radio Station. A simple song that he recorded on his home karaoke system, stood out amongst the thousands of mainly professional participants. Winning the 702 competition motivated Zain to record a professional album. This materialized into A Way of Life, a compilation of basic Acapella Islamic songs, mostly in English, covering the various tenets of Faith. The album was released in South Africa in November of 1994 and was received favourably by an eager Muslim community.

Zain Bhikha’s songs proved to be popular throughout South Africa, especially with young children who found them educational and inspiring. With demands from a hungry audience, Zain soon released three more albums in quick succession following A Way of Life.

As the interest in his music grew, his albums began to filter abroad. As fate would have it, they eventually came to the ears of World Renowned Muslim activist, Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens.

At the time, Yusuf Islam was working on a project entitled A is for Allah and believed Zain could contribute by lending his voice to some of the songs. In 1999, Zain flew to the United Kingdom to join Yusuf Islam’s Mountain of Light Studios to record. This opportunity was a lifelong dream for Zain. What was more exciting was that he was given the chance to perform in seven of the eight songs on the album. It was during the production of this album that Zain was brought on board as an artist under Mountain of Light’s cultural label, Jamal Records.

Beyond the songs

In 2005, after realizing the need for a locally based recording company, Zain established a South African based production company called Zain Bhikha Studios to house all of his enterprises and also give local and international artists the platform to gain exposure to global markets. Today, Zain Bhikha Studios is a non-profit organisation and all proceeds from Zain’s album sales and shows go towards deserving charities.

Under his own label, Zain Bhikha has released many albums, singles and a video autobiography. His albums have featured consistently amongst the top ten best Muslim Artists. His artistically produced videos have appeared on television channels throughout the world and on his YouTube channel that gets thousands of hits on a daily basis.

1. Free // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  1. 1. Free // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  2. 2. Land of Revelation // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  3. 3. That Moment He Smiled // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  4. 4. Close your Eyes // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  5. 5. Ça C’est La Vie // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  6. 6. Hasbun’ Allah // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  7. 7. Allah Made Everything // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  8. 8. Allah Remains // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015
  9. 9. The Passing Traveller // 01. The Passing Traveller - 2015